September 27 1998
The Intrepid Spaniel Stigg
amoungst the giant pygmies of Beckel

The task of the day:

New York City

Today we went to see the Intrepid Air and Space Museum, which is actually on the retired carrier Intrepid. Mostly it's an excuse to look at lots of airplanes, including a A-12 Spy Plane, better known to most people as an SR-71. Of course, this Mach 3 plane never landed, let alone flew, from any carrier.

Also got to go on board one of the first nuclear missile subs, which was actually a disel powered boat that launched an early form of cruise missle. Of great interest was the cooking area, which was quite small for the 88 people it had to feed. I don't think that Navy Chef is in my future.

Afterwards, it was to Chinatown for some hot food. I took a picture of the arcade where they used to have the Tic Tac Toe playing chicken, but the chicken seems to have retired. Some more walking around and coffee. It was great to see meriko and Russell again, and a real bummer to only be able to spend grand total of 26 hours in New York City.

Two hour train ride back up to school (which was also a big drag), and then an early bedtime for Tom.

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