September 26 1998
This is Eartha Kitt reminding you
to close your eyes while riding in the taxi

The task of the day:

New York City

Meriko and Russell and I went down to the city today. It's a pretty typical New York sort of experience so far. Terribly expensive hotels. Awful crowds. Muggy weather. And hair-raising cab rides. But, it wouldn't be New York if you didn't get these things.

Had dinner at Quilty's, where my roommate Marla works. Food was excellent, interior much more formal or "nice" than I expected, and all in all we had a great time. Popped into the kitchen right as they were getting slammed to say "howdy" to Marla. We didn't stay in there for very long because we could see from the crowd outside it was going to get ugly.

We got a free dessert out of the deal, and send a nice note back to Marla. All of our desserts were done by her, as was the bread we had with dinner. Gosh, it's almost like she's a real Chef or something.

Afterwards, we walked around a bit (you do lots of that in New York if only to avoid Yet Another Six Dollar cab ride), and then went to see Blue Man Group. It's three guys wearing blue makeup doing interesting things with tubes and pipes and drums and paint. Sort of a cross between Stomp and Mumensheintz. I think some of the points being made (about following along and conformity) were lost on at least some percentage of the audience. Maybe that's part of the whole thing. Joe Bob says check it out.

* * *

Got back to the room around one. My body is still on up at five AM schedules. Meriko and Russell stayed up reading, but I crashed right away.

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