No Pants    

September 28 1998
And I raise my eyes
and stare into the eyes of a stranger

The task of the day:

Individual European Pastries

This week is individual pastry. This is basically the same preparations that we did last week for cakes, only portioned and decorated for portion sized service. More fancy in terms of the final decoration. It's also a chance to make things our group didn't last week, or to practice stuff we did again.

I'm paired with Dan again, as chosen by the Chef. I think he knows we work well together, although today we did botch (and then recover) a mousse that we should have known better on. It's pretty tasty, as it's prepared with a coffee-vanilla sauce made with Dark Roast beans. Other than some more prep work for this torte, we didn't have much else to do today.

* * *

I forgot a pretty funny story from last week. Our student assistant last week was from Sweden. We were discussing student assistants in general and the types of things they did and did not do for the class, when the Chef volunteered to the two of us that Lizzy, being Swedish, can't work for money on a student visa. She's working for pants. Now, this is not the sort of thing to tell the most immature duo in the class. Dan and me immediately began speculating if that ment she didn't have any pants. Lots of sophomoric giggling followed.

I'm not actually proud of the above story. But I suppose it reveals that the kitchen isn't completely work at all times.

Speaking of work, the Chef yelled at the class for having a huge pile (and I do mean huge, it overflowed onto the floor) of dirty dishes in the pot area. Dan and I (as usual) had already washed and stacked our dishes. Learning from the lesson of last week, Dan insisted upon keeping the clean pile at our station as "proof." Both of us have decided that we've had enough of other people's dishes, and this week we aren't going to do any of them. I suspect that this harsh stance won't actually last out the week. Both of us can't really stand around doing nothing, even if we've already done everything we're supposed to.

* * *

Listening to Queensrÿche's Operation: Mindcrime now. From the 80's glam metal days (note the umloute above the "y"), still has quite a bit going for it from a progressive standpoint.

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