August 24 1998
True Words
Somethings, pork fat just doesn't go with

The task of the day:

Hot and Cold Buffet

This week is the last in the garde manger series. It puts together lots of ideas from the past two weeks, plus adds some new types of preparations that we didn't do in the other classes. We'll do lots of curing, smoking, and terrine style preparations, but with a bit more "flair" than before.

Chef Smythe is still great in class. Gobs and gobs of information, lots of lecture, but well organized production time. He also let us pick our own groups, thus making sure that people who didn't want to be paired with the Japanese, weren't. As I suspected, they formed two groups of their own. I'm with Patricha (a full time chef from Boston) and Ada (who's been in my class all of these 6 weeks, but I've never been pair with her).

This is the first group I've been with that actually does preparation for the next day. I usually make "cue cards" of important things to get done the next day, go over the recipes, and generally try to be mentally organized. The rest of my team does the same! Yay! Chef Smythe also specifically says that for this class we should be working out of class as well.

* * *

As as added bonus, this week our group gets to make something with fois gras. I'll talk more about that once I get there.

This week has a fairly major buffet on Wednesday, and another on Friday. We'll be working up to each day as we go. I'll put the menus for each day when I get to them. Any super interesting prep work, I'll list on the day I do it.

Today I made cheese. Just a basic "farmer's cheese" but still interesting as I'd never done it before. Heat milk. Add vinegar. Stir a bit. Drain in cheesecloth. Sort of a very loose cottage cheese, that after draining we'll be using to stuff some pasta.

* * *

While Carol was here, we found a radio station to listen to finally. Not too exciting, but a nice break from the same CDs. Plus, an NPR station for news and suchlike.

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