August 25 1998
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The task of the day:

Hot and Cold Buffet

Today we did yet more production for the buffet that our class will be putting out on Wednesday. We got quite a bit of kitchen time today. Chef is willing to let us work pretty much as late as we need, which is a nice change from being hurried out of the kitchen at 8:00. Our group finished up pretty much on time, but we got a new advantage -- a four team member Josh, who also is pretty handy with a knife.

The most annoying thing I had to do today was stuffing and forming tortellini. We did three colors of pasta, and filled them with the farmer's cheese that I made the day before. They look like they'll come out pretty good. But boy is it a pain doing 300 of them!

Smoked a bunch of seafood off today, and made a terrine out of it. The smoker we had to use was a bit too hot, and the salmon broke down a bit more than we wanted. So, we ended up using it in the terrine instead of as an inlay. The terrine will be a bit less interesting to look at, but will probably still be fine.

* * *

Went out to the brewery, and under the watchful eye of Chef Smythe, we put together the plan of attack for tomorrow. Hopefully, all will go well. We have the buffet, of course. But our group also produces a cheese plate, and has work to do for the Friday buffet. I'm expecting that we can plate for the buffet on time, which is around 6:10 or so. Not sure how the remaining work is going to get done. Some can be done before dinner, but I'm sure some is going to have to wait until after.

We have one dish we just aren't sure how to finish off. We've taken to calling it the "stupid carrot cups." It consists of cups formed out of carrots, which will be filled with a green pea mousse. Bright green. Bright orange. Uh, okay. Dr. Suess, anyone?

* * *

Marla's got some bug now, and is coughing up a storm. Probably having class in a 40 degree meat locker has something to do with it.

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