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August 22 1998
The long way round
I guess "quaint" doesn't work

The task of the day:


Carol and I went for a drive around the Hudson today. We drove up to Red Hook, where I was hoping to find a place to stay for the night, but they were full up. We then went up to Saugarties (site of Woodstock) because we had been told that it was a nice place to walk around.

I guess everyone has a different idea of what constitutes a nice walking town. For me, a place that has nothing but antique (or "junk") shops lining two fairly major roads with cars wizzing through doesn't have much to recommend it in terms of walking. Maybe we just found the wrong part of town, but I don't think so, it's pretty small.

We drove back down the other side of the Hudson River, checking out other small towns as we went through them. Ended up in the town of New Paltz, which I'd been in before with Shawn. Worked out well. There was a decent place to eat, and a nice bar to hang out in.

Carol and I sat and talked as the bar filled up with (amoung other things) a pre-wedding party for a bride and friends. She was sent on a hunt around the bar for various items. She hit me up for a condom, but I didn't have any. Carol and I bought her a cosmopolitan, after explaining to the barmaid how to make them. The bride was tickled by it, as she'd never had one before. Guess that's the big excitement for New Paltz!

Spent the night in a very non-descript hotel, but it was a nice change of pace. Plus, it was great to just hang out with Carol.

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