August 21 1998
I'm going to kill somebody
or maybe more than one

The task of the day:


Our chef decided not to show up today. He called in "sick." I put that in quotes because the potwasher (Joe) informed us that he told Joe the day before he was going to call in sick. Also, other evidence pointed to the fact that he was planning to do so. He also was having a dinner party tonight, and a side of gravlox somehow disappeared from the fridge. I'm very very upset about this.

I'd hinted before that I wasn't very happy with the style of this person's teaching. While he may be a good chef, he's not a very good teacher. His lectures are without point and rambling, and he pressures us to get done early, probably just so that he can go home. I'm going to be protesting to the CE office on Monday, because this little stunt on Friday is the last straw. I really enjoyed the material this week, it was very fun. But this was in spite of, not because of, the chef.

The only good thing to come out of all of this is that on Friday we got a real chef from the main school. He's very good at explaining his points, and while he corrected my plating more times than Chef Frie, he did so in a way that made me feel better rather than worse.

* * *

On a much more positive note, Carol came into town today. I took the morning to show her around the school. She thought it was pretty fun. At around 1, I left her at the house to go off to class. Marla came home shortly thereafter and the two spent the afternoon and evening gabbing and going out for sushi. I guess they hit it off pretty well.

Shawn and I rolled home around 8:20 or so, lugging about 5 pounds of sausages and smoked meats. They were all going to go get tossed out anyway, so we took what we could manage to carry. I guess it's going to be a sausage kinda place for a while now.

Carol, Marla, and myself went out to the brewpub for a bit tonight. Shawn was going to come but he fell asleep while Marla was taking a shower. He's been working and going to school non-stop for six weeks now, and I think it's starting to catch up with him. We called it an early night, as we were tired, and Marla starts work tomorrow at Quilty's.

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