Poubelle Winter Feed 2000 Snaps
Early in the morning, the prep cooks arrive to help out. William and Tim are involved in some kind of massive vegetable cutting at this point.
Prep cooks

William and I plate the goat cheese appetizers.
Plating aps

Here you see three of the four chefs for the evening, along with the food before any of the guests have decended upon it.
Chefs and Aps

Another view of the aps, prior to the war.
Aps on table

As the guests begin to arrive, Tim and I take a well-deserved break outside. Carol and I turned my patio into a enclosed area for this party, better to deal with the 40 people who showed up!

I'm captured as I head inside to resume cooking.
Tom Outside

meriko feeds me foie gras in order to keep my strength up.
Me and Foie

The first course of Opah, Pesto CousCous, and Mushrooms and Artichokes.
First Course

The patio fills up with guests and food.
Guests Outside

Here you see the lamb with vegetables and spaztle. On top is a pile of frizzled leaks made by deep frying them. The green beans are being drizzled with beurre blanc. This sauce can be made in advance and keeps warm in a thermos.
Prepping the lamb

Here's the lamb on the table, you can see the custom Poubelle glass to the left.

Lamb on the table

I think Trish liked the food, too. Note the four pages of prep lists on the lefthand upper cabinets.
Tom and Trish

Multi-Colored Ravioli and Quail (from Babbette's Feast). This is after both dishes had been started upon.
Quail and Ravioli

Here's a better shot of the quail. Each quail was stuffed with foie gras and truffles and placed in a puff pastry shell. The sauce is an oxtail and red wine reduction.

A living room full of happy guests take a break before desert is served.

Tarts for dessert. John did a really amazing job with the decorating.

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