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Shawn : Shawn was the first student assistant I had. He also was my roommate for most of the summer. Shawn's a great cook, and has worked in some pretty high end places. He's close to finishing up at the CIA. He's since graduated and has his own place in Austin, Texas. If you're ever there, check it out!

Marla : Marla was Shawn's girlfriend, and my other roommate. Marla works at Quilty's in NYC. She's in her 2nd semester at the CIA, and was just getting into the kitchen when I started in July.

Jason : Bartender at the Red Hook Inn. All round nice guy, and killer Take-Two player. Fountain of trivia.

Glenn : Owner of the Red Hook Inn.

Daniel : Chef from Philidelphia. My partner for three weeks of pastry work. We made a pretty good team, and have similar senses of humor.

Chef Smythe : Chef for Soups, Stocks, Sauces during my first week, and Hot and Cold Buffet during my sixth. One of my two favorite Chefs for my stay at the CIA. His personal focus is on Garde Manger work, which turned Hot and Cold Buffet into a great learning experience.

Chef Grewling : Chef for Basic Breads. Cakes, Tarts, & Tortes. Individual European Pastries. Confectionery. One of my two favorite Chefs for my stay at the CIA. His personal focus is on chocolate work. As a result, our Confectionery class made chocolates you would be hard pressed to tell apart from commercially produced ones (but we could tell).

Milla : Rottweiler. My third "roommate" for the summer. Very friendly. Perhaps too friendly when you just want to sleep some.

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