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September 20 1998
It's raining, raining
on the streets of New York City

The task of the day:


Went to Boston this weekend, a city I've never visited before. Took off early Saturday morning and drove there with no great plans. It's about three hour drive. I got off the freeway in a promising looking section of town, and immediately found : parking, a hotel, and the T station. Thus, my terrible Boston driving experience consisted of all of thirty seconds. Yay!

Stayed in Copley Place, which is between Beacon Hill and the Back Bay sections of town. Both pretty hip and happening places. Spent Saturday afternoon and evening wandering around. The weather was great, and everybody was out and about. Unfortunately, they were also all eating at places I wanted to go. I eventually found a nice quiet place to hang out and have some wine and food.

Got up early this AM and took the T downtown. I could have walked it in about 20 minutes, but decided to save my feet for the Freedom Trail. Boston's a great walking city, because it's not all that large, and there's basically only one hill.

The Freedom Trail is a line of bricks in the sidewalk that takes you past all of the tourist locations in Boston. But it also meanders through some interesting neighborhood. Plus, it's hard to get too lost when you are downtown. Wander at all, and you'll eventually end up back at the Freedom Trail and from there you are set.

It was nice to be in a large city again and find some needed stuff (shirts, jeans, etc) without fighting for it.

* * *

Marla is making dinner tonight, she's revealing in a day off of work and responsibility. I'm still recovering from the drive home as I type this. Hard to keep my end of the conversation going.

* * *

Driving music for the trip: Falling into Infinity, Dream Theater.

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