September 10 1998
Light and Heavy
Not one, but two, bread styles in one day

The task of the day:

Basic Breads

Today was again a large amount of bread. We made brioche, which is a very rich dough with egg and large amounts of butter. Each group made about 5 dozen of these small muffin loaves. We also made a sweet spice roll up using it, and some smoked salmon and dill rolls.

We also made about 50 pound and a half sized loaves of a multi-grain sourdough. This is our first sourdough for the class, and we'll be making lots more tomorrow. These loaves turned out excellent, and I got to run the oven for part of the baking.

As if all of this wasn't enough, we also ran off some more lean dough, which we made into baguettes and small rolls called "petit pain." Some of the dough went into a sausage, brocholli, and cheese roll up, which I made. Chef usually has us make at least one such "hearty" bread so that he can eat it for lunch.

And finally, we boiled and cooked our bagels today. They came out really excellent. Just like the real thing. It was pretty amazing. This was a class project, and we formed an assembly line to boil, drain, and dip the bagels in various toppings. We used poppy seed, sesame seed, and salt -- which is my favorite.

* * *

I have a massive headache that I've had since four in the morning. I'm going to take a nap today to a) get rid of it and b) get ready for tomorrow, because we're starting at six in the morning. Should be a fun day, but boy is it going to be a ton of work.

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