Oh the Pain!    

September 4 1998
Up to our armpits
in layer cakes and pies

The task of the day:

Basic Baking

Today was our final day of Basic Baking. We used up all of the cakes and creams and fillings we had been producing all week and made more pies and cakes. In the end we produced a dozen layer cakes with frosting and filling and decoration, about a dozen fruit tarts made with various crusts and filled in various creams. Four full sized trays full of croissants and Pain au Chocolat. Four full sized pans of danish, bear claws, and other treats made from danish dough. Plus, 10 pans of brownies, and around 40 cream cheese pound cakes.

We boxed up what we could carry ourselves, and the rest went to a homeless shelter. That was pretty cool to hear.

The croissants and Pain au Chocolat came out really good. We baked them off in a professional oven, which was fun, plus we got to use the proof box to let them rise. A proof box is a floor to ceiling cabinet, like a large closet. It holds close to 100 full trays of bread and has a temperature and humidity control. When a bread recipe says "let rise in a warm moist place," what they really mean to say is "let rise in a proof box."

* * *

Shawn is making noises about driving up to Boston to grab dinner. Could be fun. Not sure if I'm up for it or not. We'll see what happens in the next few hours or so.

No Boston, I fell asleep again.

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