August 12 1998
The Beet doesn't go on
but the pepper does

The task of the day:

Still More Apps.

Today was more production of appetizers, and yet another buffet for folks to eat. Shawn informed me that his class was responsible for most of the eating, so that's pretty cool.

* * *

Our group was responsible for:

  • Roasted Beets with Orange and Goat Cheese
  • Filo Filled with Cheese
  • Mashed Yellow Split Peas and Tomato Braised Capers
  • Rolled Eggplant Pie with Walnuts

* * *

Yes, that beet recipe should look familiar to you. I had to make it about a week ago. I tackled it again this time, and did a better job. No beet stains got on my jacket. But, well, we'll get to what's on my jacket this time.

We plated the salad of beets by itself. Nobody wants beets on their plate, do they? The Filo Cheese Triangles we set at and angle on top of the mash of split peas. The Tomato Braised Caper/Sauce was used on one side. We then made a quick saute of cabbage and onions for some green. Worked out pretty nice, I think. A word about this mash. It looks completely disgusting. You would never in a million years take some from a buffet (and nobody did). But when you eat it with the sauce, it's actually very good. I think I'll use it in the future. I'm very surprised at myself, because I was sure I hated things like that.

The Rolled Eggplant was in filo dough as well (we've gone through huge boxes of the stuff this week). We sliced the "logs" at an angle and set them up like little towers. I made a red pepper and tomato coulis to go around it, and then sprinkled the sauce with very small dice of green pepper. This dish got some very nice praise from the chef, who for some reason keeps referring to me as "Chef" right now. Weird.

The downside is that when I blended the peppers and tomato, some of it blasted out of the blender, and onto my jacket (keeping in mind this stuff is boiling hot, it didn't feel very nice either). This happened even though I had the lid on, a towel covering it, only filled it 1/3 of the way, and pulsed it slowly. I dunno, I guess I was just destined to get something on this jacket today.

* * *

Spent the afternoon finding a decent place to buy wine, putting postcards up in my room, and taking a quick nap. Milla woke me up with a great big sloppy kiss. Ewww, dog germs! Get some disinfectant! Get some hot water! Get some iodine!

* * *

Music for driving has been Threshold's The Paradox of Man. This is proto progressive metal. Sort of sounds like a cross between Yes and Whitesnake at times. Yoikes. For some reason, this particular song works for me.

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