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August 10 1998
A new bed, so...
Please don't eat the deliveryman

The task of the day:


I've got a new bed now, and sheets, and all kinds of stuff like that thar. There was some concern if Milla (that's the Rottweiler who owns this place) would desire to argue with the person who was delivering it. However, she was quite well behaved, although very curious about the futon itself.

* * *

Today we prepped for cooking tomorrow. Our group is turning out 9 apps in two days, and we're going to plate a buffet that other people will actually get to eat (cool!). But, because there are over 50 dishes in the buffet, we're taking two days to do it. I'll relate the menu tomorrow, after we get to actually eat it. This is sort of a bummer, because a day of only prep can be a bit dull.

To make up for it, and to break in the new house, I cooked myself dinner tonight. Strange, I've been doing all of this cooking, but not like that. It was interesting to find myself mincing onions when I was the only person who was going to see or consume them. I made Indian food, because there isn't any decent Indian in this area, and I was starting to crave it. Turned out okay, but it needed some flour (the only thing not in the kitchen that I didn't think to buy).

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