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August 1 1998
Round and Round
Call me the tumblin' shirts

The task of the day:

Reading, Laundry

Today is laundry day again, so as I type this, I'm watching my clothes tumble in a dryer. The plus side about being here is that you only get so many clothes dirty during the week. The downside is, those uniforms really are in need of a wash by the end.

The dryer informs me that it is important to check that there are no children in the dryer before starting it. I looked, but could not find any in mine. Do all dryers come with children in them?

A metric boatload of people are staying at the house that I'm staying at this weekend. They are all going to the CIA for various lunches and dinners. The bathroom would have been very crowded except that I got out quickly. The place I'm staying is nice enough, but one bathroom for all of the guest rooms is kinda pushing it.

The biggest minus of this place, however, is that phone access is very limited. 10 pm east coast time the phone is unavailable (either incoming or outgoing), and no way to jack in for net access (period). I'm beginning to be increasingly annoyed by this, and am going to spend this weekend in more active pursuits of new lodgings.

* * *

I think I'm going to try to catch a movie later if I can. Choices here are pretty much limited to major Hollywood fare (or would that be "fair"?). But perhaps some mindless entertainment is what I need now.

In the non-mindless entertainment category, I've received lots of postcards and letters from folks back home. Always a nice break (they usually arrive in the middle of the day) from the grind. Note to Peter: Yep, that was a heck of a postcard.

* * *

I discovered that next week's classes are going to be AM. This means class starts at 7, so I need to be up by 5:30 at the latest. Bleah. On the plus side, I can probably catch breakfast pantry once or twice, which will be interesting and different.

Students here are divided into AM and PM blocks. Each block sticks to that schedule for the six weeks. Eventually, all students "get" to take Breakfast Pantry. Ran into some last night at the bar who start this week. Class begins at 3 AM for them. Which means they have to be in the kitchen, dressed in whites, ready to cook, at 3 AM. Class runs until 7 AM, when breakfast shuts down. Tom is not taking Breakfast Pantry. Mores the pity.

Tomorrow I go to pick up the course materials and to find out details of eating and so on. It's annoying to have these additional things to need to do on the weekend. I would have rather had no hard and fast rules about when I needed to be around town. But, clothes to wash, and binders to read, I am a student once again.

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