First Weekend    

July 25 1998
The long sleep
A much needed break

The task of the day:

Reading bad SF

Today was laundry day. Major cleaning and bleaching of my chef's jackets and aprons. They weren't as dirty as they could have been, but there certainly were a fair number of sauce spots and so on. All seemed to come out okay. Wait until I hit the pastry classes and soak them in chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate. Yesterday the class in the next kitchen to ours (which isn't separated by a wall) did their pastry work. They were a bunch of high school students in a "Career Exploration" class. They cranked out a huge pile of pastries, creme brulees, and other things, all in under two hours. Looked very professional and well done.

I spent the rest of today reading some bad SF that I started in the laundr-o-mat. Star Trek novels were never really my speed, but I've failed to find a decent bookstore here yet. Probably just as well that I don't spend too much money on books only to have to send them back home at the end of the summer.

* * *

My finger seems to be recovering fine. By Monday I may not even need the finger cot. Finger cots are little condom looking things you wear over a bandage so that you can keep cooking without dripping blood or goo into the food. It also keeps you from getting onion juice or something like that into a cut and burning yourself to death. I took stock of the total damage for the week, which comes in as : 1/2 of a nail cut off, 1 burn, 4 scrapped knuckles. Chef Smyth and Shawn showed me their left index fingers last night, which both appear to have been permenantly damaged. Guess I don't feel as stupid now.

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