A Handful of Rain    

July 18 1998
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
The last stop

The task of the day:

Single lane driving

Today was the last major travel day. I'm now within spitting distance of the CIA, and will arrive there sometime before noon tomorrow. I'm not even setting my alarm, it's time to catch up on some sleep.

This was a tough day, and the driving went very slow. The storms that were threatening for most of the trip finally caught up to me (or I to them) and dumped pearl sized drops of rain all over my car. Fitting to be listening to Handful of Rain by Savatage during all of that : "The sky is growing dark..."

Pennsylvania is pretty rough to drive through right now. The roads are in rough shape, with very long stretches of one lane. Speed limit is 65 or 55 throughout, and it's enforced pretty roughly. My Radar Detector was squealing just about the entire way across the state. It's also a very nice looking state, but very dull in many respects. On the plus side, these tree covered hills should be very colorful for the return trip.

* * *

Fun things seen today:

  • Jumbo sized lightning storms in the early morning - I miss these in California. Extra bonus cool was a 50 mile long horizontal strike. Whoa!
  • Lightning bugs in the early evening - I miss these even more. I can still smell what they release when you capture or squash them.

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