July 15 1998
Rock Springs, Wyoming
A very large state

The task of the day:

Driving and Driving

Wyoming is a very large state. No, let me say that another way. Wyoming is a very large expanse of rock with a highway drilled through it. The later part of today consisted of driving through Wyoming. Don't get me wrong, this is a bea-u-tee-ful state, and extra pretty when the sun is setting between the rocks. But did I really need another 200 miles of driving at the end of the day? I think not.

The states for today were : California, Nevada, Utah, and about half of Wyoming. I'm just about in the middle of Wyoming, which I personally don't think says very much positive about the town of Rock Springs. I mean, if that's all you have going for you, why bother?

The car is (knock on wood) performing well so far. I'm not pushing it, with 16 hours per day of driving, I figure that super speed probably isn't really all that needed or useful. Here in the Western States, there is another issue that makes 100 mph driving a bad idea. Exploded tires from the trucks are left pretty much in the middle of the road where one can run over them (thus removing ones car from the living). In a typical hour of driving, one sees at least one such tire hulk. Rate of closure at 80 mph is bad enough. I'd hate to think about trying to avoid one at any higher speed. This web site saved my butt today.

Speaking of trucks. Since when is it legal to tie three trailers onto the back of a truck and then drive it down the highway? Have I just been out of it or something? I mean, it's like something out that stupid 70s TV show "SuperBus". Does anyone else remember that show? Heck, why not just put ten or eleven of those suckers back there and have some real fun?

* * *

Fun things seen today:

  • A truck carrying what looked to be a 200 foot by 50 foot chainsaw. I can only assume that it is for digging a very large trench, like Alex and I used to put in sprinklers.
  • A casino in a Wendy's
  • The salt flats of Utah, coming down out of the mountains, pure whiteness
  • Said salt flags, reflecting the backing mountains, all purple and pink
  • A 150 foot tall artificial tree in the middle of the desert
  • Being passed by a (gulp!) nuclear weapon. You know, 254 hp ain't got nothing on the powers of creation (cf. Snowcrash and Raven).
  • Wyoming in the sunset - but only the first 10 miles of it

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Copyright 1998 Tom Dowdy